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What type of lawyer do i need and is it worth it?

Miami, FL |

i purchased an apartment of a local county government auction website. It is in bad conditioned due to upstair neighbors A/c leaking. Apartment is full of mold and in bad condition. Association wont get involved, they said i have to talk to the upstairs neighbor. I also dont know if there is an outstanding mortgage, and now association fees are back 3-4 months

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Most likely the water damage from the upstairs unit is the responsibility of that unit owner and the Association can't get involved. To be sure you should hire condo lawyer to review the governing documents. Otherwise you will need a real estate lawyer to bring an action against the other unit owner. If there is a mortgage on the property you are at risk of losing the property to foreclosure by the bank and the assessments will need to be current or the association can foreclose.

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You need a real estate attorney and someone familiar with condo law. Cannot tell you if it is worth it, as you dont provide any details.

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You will need a real-estate attorney. You will have to do the math to determine whether it is worth it. It will depend upon the cost to fix and the value of the unit. You may want to consult with a realtor. The owner of the unit will be personally liable for unpaid dues.
The association may be responsible and you may be able to put in an insurance claim. These are all issues to bring up with your attorney.