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What type of lawyer can help us?

Philadelphia, PA |

My husband was overpaid by his long term disability insurance by $20,000. He disclosed his other income fully at the time the claim was filed but they miscalculated and overpaid him for over a year. Now they want all of the money back. We do not have $20,000. What can we do and who can we call for legal advice. We want to make sure our rights are protected. All of the disability lawyers that we have contacted have told us they do not handle cases like this. Who does?

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You don't need a disability lawyer. This is a simple contract case. Any competent attorney who has handed contract disputes can help you. The lawyer will likely research case law that will help you determine whether you must repay the funds. Good luck.

NOTE: Any information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Always confer with a qualified attorney in your state who can review the individual facts in your specific case.

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