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What type of Fines or Penalties should my friend expect on an expired plates/expired license citation and ticket?

Canton, OH |

Hello, my friend (who is 18 years old) came to me really upset tonight because she got pulled over. The police officer gave her a ticket and a citation. A friend of hers asked her to drive his car home (not telling her that his plates were expired). The worse part was that her DMV teacher never finalized the paperwork for her actual drivers license (its been over 2 weeks since she passed the course and test) and her temporary license apparently expired the day before. I wanted to ask anyone that could help, what should she expect during her court date? Should she tell the judge about the teacher's forgetfulness?

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Attorney answers 1


It sounds from your description like this is not just an expired plates citation but also a no operator's license. It is best to speak with an attorney. Under the revised laws the no operator's license can carry 2 points and depending on the municipality is likely a first degree misdemeanor which can be punished bu up to six (6) months in jail. The expired plates charge under the new law may be a two (2) point violation on its own as it is fairly unclear based upon the statutes whether this is now considered a moving violation or not. I would tell your friend to speak with an attorney to discuss their options.