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What type of drug test does Collin County, TX do for adult probation?

Plano, TX |

Basically I want to know if Collin County does a cup test or a GC/MS test??? I have a drug test and I just started probation. I have stopped doing all drugs, but I used to smoke weed for years, I stopped in Sept. I am very tall and very thing with little fat and super metabolism. Just wondering if they do the super GC/MS test or not, I have to go to the court house for the test. Thank you.

Sept 22, 2011 is when I stopped, it is now Jan 2012. I smoked twice a day for years, when I used to be on probation I would quit for 30 days and pass my tests, so I know my body. But I want to know what type of tests they do in Collin County? Thank you.

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If you have truly stopped using drugs there shouldn't be a problem. If you happen to test positive, go and get your own drug test to controvert probation's test.



Thank you Scott. And yes I have stopped, but like I said before, I used to smoke for years. I graduated college and work for a major Fortune 500 corporation. It just seems to work with me concentrating so I always used it and got my work done. So now I have stopped and I know that for some people it can stay in your system for nearly 6 months, its so random. Just wondering. I took a cup test and it came back negative, but I was wondering if Collin County does a GS/MS test which I heard can detect even more. Do they use those tests???


I practice in Collin County. It is usually a urine test unless Probation believes that you are trying to hide something - In those cases, I have seen them order GC/MS tests.



They are all GC/MS tests according to everyone at the court house that was waiting to take one. Pee'd in a cup and they sealed it up to send it off to TASC Arizona.

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