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What Tort actions do you see o The identity of potential plaintiffs

Big Rapids, MI |

In 2012 in the small town of Big Rapids ,Michigan, there was an Asian American man. He is 31 years old and his name is Kai Levins. Levins is arrested for arson and is sentenced to prison, for 20 years minimum. During intake, it is found that levins is epileptic. In the times that levins has to be in prison, he has not made an favorable impression. During officers vince’s round, Levins has a seizure. Levins was in his cell, on his bed at the time , and runs the risk of falling and injuring himself. Officer Vince does nothing to help levins, prevent injury, and continues on his rounds. Levins, during his seizure, falls from his bed, and injures himself. He hit his head from the fall and has to be sent to the hospital. The officer who found levins was from the next round( Shift).

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