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What to expect in order to appear before court commissioner after losing in small claims court

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i lost a small claims judgement after failing to appear in court for $2000. Now an order to appear before court commissioner in lawyers office has been filed. I am considering bankruptcy because of other outstanding debts but not in time for court. I receive pension and social security for income i have an IRA but withdraw rarely. i own a small condo ($20,000) and bought a new car 5 months ago. own another car (1995 grandam). what outcome can i expect the hearing to conclude? should i sign anything at the time? can they garnish any of income stated? I just want to be prepared for the outcome. please help in this matter. thank you.

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If you have a default judgment in place, the next step for the plaintiff is to enforce judgment. That can include garnishment of wages but they typically first make an informal request to get you to pay. You'll also be asked to fill out a financial disclosure statement.

Though a judgment has been entered, you might still be able to negotiate a lower amount to re-pay. If you're considering bankruptcy, ask a bankruptcy lawyer the effect that has on the judgment. I am not 100% sure, but I think it wipes it out. Check with a bankruptcy attorney first.

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