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What to expect from appointment? Received Immigration and Customs Enforcement form G-56

Lumberton, NJ |

Before our marriage , my husband was stopped in 1996 ( before 1997 changes in deportation proceedings ) by the NY border patrol . As he had overstayed his visa he was told to leave the country by the officers but they did not forward the case to immigration court and no formal deportation was ordered . After we married in 2008 we filed a i485 and I130 . i130 approved but stated i485 was outside their jurisdiction due to having Deportation proceedings in 1996 . We could not get an immigration judge to review his case because he had no actual order of deportation , and appealed the adjudicating officer decision . We received no news about the i485 appeal and now - 4 years later - get a letter from Immigration and Customs enforcement asking to come in for official matter . Reason : status application

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Hire an AILA attorney in your area asap! He or she will guide you through the process and notify the government on your behalf that you are represented and will investigate and determine the reasons for the notice. Good Luck!


I agree with my colleagues: you really need a good immigration lawyer at this point. Do you have any attorney now? If so, did they know of this issue in 1996?

It appears that he is back in the USA; how did he come back? Did he use a visitor visa, and not disclose the previous removal? Or did he sneak back in?

In any event, your husband MUST go to see ICE; it's an offer you can't refuse. But it doesn't necessarily have to end badly; a good attorney can probably work out a deal that your husband gets time to try to seek relief. Since the previous event happened so long ago, it is POSSIBLE that they could exercise their discretion and allow him to remain for the time being, because of you, and perhaps other family issues I am unaware of.

Bottom line: you have options, but they are narrowing rapidly. You will need good legal assistance. You can learn more about our firm at, and we have a Bala Cynwyd/Philadelphia office.

Good luck!


(610) 664-6271. John Vandenberg focuses his practice solely on immigration law. You can keep up to date on immigration law by liking the firm on Facebook at His response to your question is general in nature, as not all the facts are known to him, and does not constitute legal advice. Retain an attorney experienced in immigration law to review all the facts in your case in order to receive advice specific to your case, since that protects both you and the attorney. Mr. Vandenberg's statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship.



Thank you for your reply. When he was apprehended by the border patrol it was because he was in the Buffalo, NY area. Having come in with a visa 8 months before but he was not send before a judge, nor deported at the time. This was pre IIRIRA, he was basically caught and released once they saw he came in with a visa. He has been in the US ever since..



I will be calling your office to schedule a consultation. I would not dream of either skipping the appointment, nor appearing to the same without a lawyer.

William John Vandenberg

William John Vandenberg


That sounds great! Standing by. Please bring any/all paperwork you have.


More information is necessary. You cannot ignore ICE requests as that is the best way to wind up in detention and then removed. However, it is likely possible for an attorney to speak with them in advance of the meeting and determine a course of action that will hopefully provide time to straighten out his status and not spend time in detention.

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