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What to expect at Civil Restraining Order hearing?

Cypress, CA |

I have no attorney, I know defendant has an attorney. I know he is claiming self defense, but all witness and wounds I received indicate I was not the aggressor. Will his attorney ask me questions? What can I do to prepare? I feel my "ducks are in a row," do you think it's a bad idea to represent my self? Or, should I request continuance to find attorney? Hearing in 2 weeks.

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You are going up against a professional. Would you perform surgery on yourself?? Hire an attorney. If you lose, the court may award the other party attorneys fees. I had that same issue come up where the other party sought a restraining order against my client. They did not have an attorney and had no idea what they were doing. The court did not issue the restraining order and I asked for attorneys fees and the court granted my client the fees.

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If you can afford an attorney, it would be wise to have one. You will be cross examined by his attorney and his attorney will be making objections to the way that you present evidence. It would be helpful to have someone by your side who can handle that aspect of it for you, make sure you say all the right things at all the right times, and handle any issues that come up. Good luck to you.