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What to do with false charges on my record?

Kissimmee, FL |

I found out I have several charges on my record that I never knew I had or was arrested for in my life. I found out after joining the military after my swear in and extensive background screening I was accepted to the Guard, less than 24hrs later I got a call from my recruiter and long story short on there national FBI fingerprint check I have several felonies and misdemeanors on my record that I've never committed in my life, never been arrested for them nor gone to court for them. Hours later i was discharged from the military for something I didn't do. So now I need to clean this up and wondering how to go about it, I'm wondering if theres anyone that can be sued for this mistake that seems to cost me alot, I can think of many missed job opportunities cause of this.

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if the charge are actually false, then yes you could move to have them administratively expunged. However, you say they did not pop up until a "national FBI fingerprint check" was done. Since only you could have left your fingerprints, I don't think some of these things are false.


The first thing you can do is contact FDLE here in Florida and request a complete background/criminal history. Once you have that it should show what the military found. If you know you were never charged in any of those cases, you can file a complaint with FDLE to assist you in the investigation. They are a statewide law enforcement agency. If that does not help you, then you may need to seek an attorney to file motions in the jurisdiction where the records are located. In that motion, you can request the judge to correct the record as it is not you and by compelling the State to prove the conviction is yours. Be patient it may take some time depending if it is a stolen ID case or misfiling by some agency. Good Luck!!