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What to do when you have your first dwi?

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Hire a local attorney who specializes in dui defense. The issue is not how many times he had you blow, but the number that came up and whether the machine was functioning properly.

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I agree with Scott, but if there were multiple tests the that may be a sign that the machine was not working properly. I'm not sure exactly what you mean "blow ... three times".

A normal DWI arrest will include a PBT in the field, and then 2 blows on an ECIR II at the jail so that is 3 times. Many cases have numerous attempts until they get a printed result, but it is the number on that page that is the most important thing. The final BAC is the starting point for evaluating a DWI case.

I recommend you keep your own facts off the internet. AVVO is a great place to find information, but your case is confidential, so seek a free consultation with local counsel.


Doing a third blow on a breath test is not particularly uncommon. The machines usually call for two blows, but, if there is a problem with one or there is more than a 0.02% difference between the two results, the machine will usually ask for a third blow to get a "valid" test.

As far as what to do for a first time DWI or DUI, contact an expereinced DUI attorney near you. Many people make the mistake of assuming there is nothing can be done. An expereinced DUI lawyer can often find ways to beat an apparently claer cut DUI case or find ways to reduce the punishment you are looking at.

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