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What to do when we get IRS notice

Indianapolis, IN |

I have submitted for tax returns via turbotax and, It didnt let me submit my tax returns as a non-resident and it did submit as a resident. I got a letter from IRS saying that they are reviewing my forms, Is this a major problem? My visa status is F1

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It might be a major problem and it might not be. There is simply no way to tell from the facts you've described. Did the notice give you any indication as to why the IRS was examining your returns? Also, if the notice contained a telephone number that you could call for further information, I would call that number as soon as possible to see what else you can find out about the IRS' examination of your returns.



They said that this is ongoing process and reviewing my returns on Icometax I reported, claims for tax returns, etc. They gave a number to check the status which says it is under review process. I also checked it online, but its been a month

Dana Whitney Atchley

Dana Whitney Atchley


Unfortunately the best answer is to just wait and see what comes of the review. The most important thing now is to check your mail every day and if you get any correspondence from the IRS open it immediately and respond to it without delay. If the notice says the IRS is disallowing something or is proposing to assess additional tax against you, then you should seek advice from a tax attorney or a CPA in your area.


If it is an honest mistake it likely isn't a big problem. Did you report a US tax liability? Did you report a US tax refund? Do you have significant income outside of the US; do you have significant income from the US? Usually the biggest difference between a 1040NR filing an a resident 1040 filing is the standard deduction. If that is all then it should not be a big deal. If you claimed refundable credits available to residents, then it may be more serious.

You should involve a tax lawyer to quickly understand your situation and advise you. There may be advantages to acting quickly if something is looming.


Take the paperwork that you received to a tax attorney in your area immediately.

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