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What to do when Social Services Comes?

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I was granted 50 percent custody on my 6 year old daughter, legal and physical. I have my own place a 1 bed 1 bath with a really big living room. i am living with my girlfriend, and our 2 children where are 18 months and 6 months old. i have my daughter every other wednesday for 6 hours, every thursday for 7 hours and then friday saturday sunday and monday until 810am when she starts school. so i was granted this custody november 2012. January 2013 i served my ex with a temporary emergency order because our daughter told me and my girlfriend and her mom and dad at dinner that her mom and her boyfriend showed her a what a pipe was and what weed was. she could describe it completely, so on the court date we talked about it and stayed the same order as before, but on her response she put -

i couldnt fit the whole question but i added it here Do i let social services in ? please help..

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This is not a good question for This is is more like a consultation with the internet. You really might want to get a sit-down appointment with an attorney, since they'd likely have lots of questions for you, in return.

But to answer the question in your title: Treat social workers with respect, keep your appointments with them, answer their questions, do not be evasive, but at the same time do not assume that they are your friends. They have a lot of potential power, including the power to take your children away if they feel it's justified, so do NOT get on their bad side if you can avoid it.

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