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What to do when other party in divorce hearing lies about financial situation during child support hearing?

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I had submitted a petition to modify the child support. Had a protracted day hearing with judge. My ex-wife under oath gave false information about her financial situation. I did not learn about her stating false information until after the hearing had concluded. She told the court she was unemployed, but I learned she has been employed with a foreign investment bank for 3 years. Now the judge has made his ruling based on her false information. Where do I go from here? Do I refile a petition to modify? Or do I appeal? I am upset my attorney did not catch this and now I must go back to court to resolve this issue. thank you in advance

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Talk to your attorney about reconsideration based on hidden but newly found evidence


Refilling is easier and quicker. Speak to an attorney first.


I would consult a new attorney immediately. Don't wait even a day.

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I'm confused. Was there some reason why your attorney should have known she was lying when it appears you didn't know until after the hearing? We may be good but we're not psychic. Your attorney knows more about the case than a new one will. Try discussing the issue with him or her first and ask what your options are. if the Order was entered very recently, the attorney can file for reconsideration. The other option is to file for a modification and ask that the order be made retroactive to the date her employment commenced, using the Domestic Relations rule requiring that changes in income be reported within 7 days. It may work. I believe that, once it's proven she lied so significantly, a master or judge will be more than happy to deal with her.

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