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What to do when my legal rights have been violated.

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have protection order.against my spouse. I was evicted from home and spouse allowed to move in. charges were brought against him. then later dropped. states attorney never questioned me. my spouse was ordered to pay alimony. His attorney held on to my payments until returned our lawnmower back to the property The home was called marital property and I was awarded nothing out of it. my spouse filed charges against me for removing items out of our bedroom. My spouse is a State of Md law enforce. person. I feel as I am fighting a the system because of my spouses employement

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I will require more information and an actual legal question to respond to. Please revise your question as you raise many potential legal issues but I do not want to guess what the real issue is.



My current attorney is not going to file for and appeal on the marital property issue. Dec. 17 2012. I was threatend with a gun by my ex husband. He was arressted and released on bond. I filed for a P.O. order. and was denied. I filed and appeal and represented myself. was granted a P.O. order for 1 yr. The charges against my ex were later dropped without anyone interveiwing myself or my daughter who was in the home that night. My name was not on the deed to home, and after 4 different court dates. I was evicted from the home. One judge had granted me to stay in the home while the p.o. order was in affect. but later another judge gave me 2 days to move out and called me a tenant. The very next day I was back in court for a alimony hearing. I was granted alimony after a second day of testimony. My ex said he would not appeal if I returned certain property to the house. I was advised by my attorney that it was marital property and it would be setteled in the divorce. I returned the property and still did not receive the alimony from him. My ex decided he wanted another piece of property back. His attorney advised my attorney that he had my alimony in his bank account and he would send me a check from his firm when the property was returned. waited for a letter from his attorney stating this is what would happen. there was no response. Had to file a contempt hearing, my ex didnt show up to that hearing but his attorney had my 6 months of alimony in a form of check drawn off of the attorneys account. my ex filed theft, burglary and stolen firearm charges against me, because the state said since I was a tenant. I was limited to where I could go in the house. I was indicted on these charges. I have been to 5 status hearings and I have one today. then I have a trial date for Feb. 12 2014. On Jan. 2 2014 at my divorce hearing. the house was said to be marital property but I wasnt granted any monies for my part. I wasnt granted anything for personnal property. division of property wasnt even discussed. I didnt agree with any of the settelment. because I walked away with 13 yrs of retirement and alimony for 18 months in the amount of 500 a month. I wasnt allowed to express the years of mental and physical abuse I suffered. my last alimony payment before the divorce was sent to my attorney in his name from the other attorney. Was told that money had to be used to do financial paperwork for the retirement I was getting from my ex. There is so much more, but I dont know what to say or do at this point. I feel like I have been punished for trying to protect myself. I have been told by one judge that he had to keep his personal feelings aside on how he felt about me and me appealing his one decision, also how he was in my es husbands corner. I dont know where to go from here, but I have been treated and talked to so poorly in these hearings. Im so ready to go to the newspaper and tell my story. Thank you for taking the time to read from me. I hope you can give me some advice on what to do or where to go. My ex is still working for Maryland division of corrections and I feel as if I have been fighting a badge.


If you believe that your spouse has violated the protective order, that you did not receive the appropriate share of your marital home's value, or that spousal support payments are being improperly withheld, consult with an attorney immediately. Failure to address court orders can result in losing your right to request a change to the orders. Many attorney's offer a free initial consultation.

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