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What to do when insurance company ignore your calls?

Chattanooga, TN |

Got into a car accident 20 days ago and after the at fault insurance company giving you the run around now don't repond to phone calls in a timely matter (over 48hrs or more). Should I seek a lawyer?

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You should try to contact the supervisor of the adjuster (if there is one). If not, you can report the company to your state's insurance commission. You may also want to consult with a personal injury lawyer (if you were injured).


What I suggest is for you to write a letter, document all the times you have called and that no one has responded and demand that a person evaluates your claim and get back to you within a reasonable time (30 days). Send the letter certified mail to both the adjuster and his or her supervisor. If no one gets back to you within that 30 days then gets yourself an attorney and let them handle it for you.

Having said that: if you have called the adjuster three times a wek for the past two months, I am not surprised he is no longer returning your call. Generally, from the time you submit all your items of damages and that the insurance company no longer has any questions, it takes about 6 to 9 weeks for the claim to be reviewed and evaluated. If you keep calling every two days, you just piss off the adjuster who will then put your file at the bottom and will then stop answering your calls. - I am not saying that is the case, but only you know how many times you have called and in what intervals.

I hope this helps-


The simple fact that the adjuster has not returned your call in 48 hours does not mean that you must hire a lawyer. However, we routinely and generally recommend that people who are injured in car wreck consult with a lawyer. Most lawyers that represent hurt people will provide you with a free consulation. Therefore, it will not cost you anything to sit down with a lawyer and discuss your potential case. In my experience, insurance companies are not fair and will not be willing to pay what they should. My recommendation would be to contact the lawyer of your choice and discuss your options before you sign or accept anything.

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