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What to do when discharged for Dental Class 3? USNR.

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i had 3 good years in the navy but recently i was discharged Under Honorable Conditions From The US Navy Reserves for a Dental Class 3. pretty much as a reservist you have to be in top shape medically and physically. i had a cavity and was told i had 6 months to get it fixed. financially the reserves was my main source of income and i didnt get it taken care of. i had to even return my seabag. is there any possiblilty to rejoin with this discharge? i miss the military. i mourn for it. it was something to wake up for and i screwed up.

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i have never heard of someone getting an Under Honorable Conditions purely for a dental disqualification. It sounds like there was something else. Whether you will be able to reenlist is totally up to a recruiter, but I doubt it.

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Only a recruiter can answer the question concerning rejoining. It will also depend on your reenlistment and separation codes on your DD 214 as well as your characterization of service and the circumstances surrounding your separation.



DD-214 characterization?

Those two data points will tell the story of your options.

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You may be able to simply reenlist. Depending on what your DD214 states- you may require a waiver. If the discharge was based on any type of misconduct than a military recruiter will evaluate whether on not you are qualified based on the underlying misconduct charged versus the actual outcome of the case. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases whether or not you are able to enlist may depend on how much effort the recruiter is willing to put forth. Recently, I had 2 clients who were working through similar issues so that they can enlist. Give me a call, I would be happy to discuss your options with you. The initial consult is always free. Additional information is available on my website. Good luck.

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