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What to do to have my son's grandmother to visit watch my son when mother and father are at work?

Clark, NJ |

fd case, jnt custody, i m the non cusdial parent. judge agreed to have my mom babysit our son one day a week. My mom has been doing this for 2.5 yrs. last month, my son's mom unilaterally decided that my son will be removed from his babysitter to be watched by her parents. I filed a motion to object.. Meanwhile mom is refusingt to disclose names of her parents, refuse to let me call in to see how my baby is doing, What can I do? In case of emergency I have no clue who they are. I also want to see if the have a criminal back., granparents also rape kids, etc sound harsh but its reality. NJ state check all adults that live at same house as caregiver. My mom has cried a lot to increase more time w my son, but mother say no. why for mom is ok her parents watch my son and not ok for my mom

as of right now I just know my son is with his grandparents, with my agrrenment, no have a clue how old are they, what are the names, etc, This is BASIC information that any parent should know regarding if they are family. Also based on this unilateral decision my mother is sad that she had to fight in crt to get one day to watch my son. She is telling why her parents can watch him all summer and for me one day? how she can increase her time. Mom has 100% ownership on my son, me as a father has no value

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You need to have an experienced matrimonial attorney represent you, this is not some thing that you can do on your own. Law is complex and this is a very emotionally charged issue for you. Without knowing all the facts and background, no one can give you any more definitive answers. Good luck!

Without meeting with you, and knowing all the facts and circumstances of your case, my opinion is not to be construed as legal advice, just general educational information.


I agree that you need an experienced attorney handling this. As you say that the judge had already issued a ruling regarding babysitting by your mother, it would appear that the thing to do is to file a motion to enforce litigant's rights.

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What an awful situation for you, your mom and your son. I really wish I could give you a better answer than this, but the truth is that you need to sit with an attorney so you can bring copies of all court orders and explain this in more detail. That should steer you in the right direction. Good luck!

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