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What to do to get an Mexican employee her Work Visa to work in USA for us?

Flint, MI |

We need to know step by step of what does the company needs to do in order to get this worker to work legaly for the company and be able to move her here??

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The specific visa needed for your Mexican employee, and the steps required, will depend on the employee's position with your company. If it is a professional position, you may be eligible to employee the individual in NAFTA TN work visa status. If not, there could be other options available depending on the specific nature of the position. It is in your best interest to speak with an experienced immigration attorney so they can analyze your situation and provide you with the specific guidance on how to obtain a work visa for your employee.

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Only first step can be instructed on is to hire an attorney for the employer

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Step 1: Hire an experienced immigration attorney to review all the facts in order to determine what can and needs to be done.
Step 2: See step 1.

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