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What to do if your spouse is sick and can't come to the interview ( green card based on marriage )?

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We went to the ER a couple of days ago, and spent all night down there, I have an interview in a week, I am afraid my wife is too sick to be with me ,don't want them to think something else,should i take all the ER stuff with me and go alone ?

she is the USC,

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Assuming this is a genuine marriage, I suggest you appear at the interview alone, have a letter from the treating physician confirming your wife's condition and ask the USCIS officer to reschedule the interview to a later date. Chances are USCIS will agree and send you another interview date for 1-2 months after your original interview date.

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Yes it is a genuine marriage for sure ,Can i ask them to come home and do interview at home if they want ? we have no problem with that ?


Prove your wife's condition and ask to reschedule

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Reschedule the interview with evidence of her hospitalization.

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