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What to do if you are questioned by the FBI and cannot afford a lawyer ?

Arlington, VT |

I was just questioned by the FBI regarding and association they feel resulted in "theft" from a former company. I spoke with them, however on several topics I told them I was not comfortable talking without the advice of council. They backed off but the issue is, I cannot afford a lawyer..( because I didn't actually steal

My associates all have lawyers because they can afford to seek council and their lawyers have said " let them come and send them to me". So I feel we are in the right, but I am afraid because it is the FBI....and I don't know what to do. Because the clearly threatened me with being in the camp "going to jail".

How do I protect myself with limited funds and not make myself more of a suspect ( because I want to be helpful if I can)

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Contact the federal defender office in your district and find out whether an attorney can be appointed for you at this stage of proceedings.


You have an absolute right to remain silent and not answer any questions posed to you by the FBI. Even if you are not guilty of whatever it is they are investigating, if you tell a falsehood to the investigating officers, that could result in a separate charge against you for impeding an investigation, obstruction of justice, etc.

As mentioned by another attorney, you may want to contact the federal public defender's office to see whether or not they can provide you with counsel. In the interim, I suggest you exercise your constitutional right to remain silent.

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Say nothing until you have spoke to the local federal PD.