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What to do if this happens to me?

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How can I handle this and what should I do about this? An attorney promised to be an ally to me and assist me in multiple ways and when he got my very personal story and information out of me stopped responding to e-mails and phone calls and left me stranded, what should i have done about this/? He lied to me by doign this and left me in jeapordy and lost. Why did he do this? Whgy do so many attorneys do this? Why do they feel hey have the right to do this and plat with peoples lives regardless of the reprecutions that may come their way as a result of this.

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No one can tell you why anyone does anything. You haven't said what sort of arrangement you had with him regarding paying him for the time and effort he expended on your behalf, so it's impossible to tell if the attorney in question acted properly or not.
You have no basis for saying that "so many attorneys do this." Have you had dealings with multitudes of lawyers? What's your experience with members of the legal profession?

If you feel that you have been injured by the attorney's actions, contact the Grievance Committee for the Appellate Division, First Department.

I am an attorney admitted solely in NY. None of the answers I submit on this forum constitutes legal advice, even to questioners in NY, and no attorney-client relationship is hereby created.

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