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What to do if property is contaminated by natural gas drillers?

Forksville, PA |

I own a small business in Northeastern PA and I need to know what I can do if my property gets polluted from the gas drillers who are moving into the county. Already they're have been reports of water well contamination surrounding the drilling for natural gas. I did not sign a gas lease and need to know how I am going to be able to get compensation from the gas companies should they're drilling effect my property and shut down my business due to contamination. I have already gotten my water tested for chemicals known to be used in the 'fracking' process of drilling. Bill S.2161 states that the natural gas drilling is exempt from complying with the "Clean Water Act" so I need to know who I can hold accountable if something should happen. Thank you. - Michele Stas

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Certainly, drilling in the Marcellus Shale as just about everyone in Pennsylvania concerned. And, you are right that the drilling may well affect many more people than just the land owners and lessors. While the EPA is very busy dealing with the multitude of concerns about the drilling and fracking processes, federal agencies tend to move slowly.

I suggest that you begin by working with your county commissioners and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

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