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What to do if I am being stalked?

Boca Raton, FL |

I am being stalked by a woman. She is stalking my Facebook page, (even if I continuously block her she finds ways of viewing my page). She has contacted my ex and has asked him tons of questions about me. She is claiming that I have associations with her ex-husband --- which is none of her business. She has even brought pictures of me at her mediation --- when she was divorcing her ex. Those pictures were posted on my Facebook page and I have no clue how she might have gotten them. I have received friend requests on Facebook from 1 of her friends that I immediately blocked. She is making false police reports, saying that I am the one stalking her and that I continuously contact her, which is a complete lie.

I believe that she has also hacked into my Gmail account and erased important emails. She has filed a police report against her ex-husband and my name was in there --- and for multiple different purposes. She is claiming that she fears for her life because I might have threatened her in a voicemail that I left her. I have never contacted this woman.

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Man i think you got a huge problem on your hand. you need to get whatever evidence you have and report it to the police. If the Police contact you, you might want to have counsel present. Good luck to you!

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I agree with mr. Umansky. You may also want to go to your local county clerks office and file for an injunction (restraining order) against this person if you feel threatened or in danger.

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I also strongly recommend you make local law enforcement aware of each of these incidents. They will be more likely to act once a pattern of unwanted contact has occurred. Good luck with your situation.

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It is very important that you document well each and every incident of contact no matter how incidental it may seem. Contact law enforcement and report this behavior asap.