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What to do if a witness lies in a police report?

Strongsville, OH |
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If you can "prove" he was lying, you don't need to sue him; just file your underlying case, and if he testifies against your interests, prove he was lying and you win your case, no? Good luck.

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There's really not enough information here to allow a sound answer to your question. The right to sue someone generally arises when they've breached a legal duty owed to you. Your question does not detail how you were harmed, if you were harmed, or how someone else may have owed you a duty and then failed to live up to it. Certainly, anyone who provides false information to the police is exposing themselves to criminal charges related to obstruction. If you are certain that this has occurred and have proof on which law enforcement officers can act, you may want to consider bringing it to the attention of the appropriate authorities. If you do not have anything more than a hunch, I'd advise you to be cautious about what you choose to do with that hunch.


You generally cannot sue a witness, absent a wrinkle in your states law. If the info on the police report is inaccruate, you should file an amended police report.

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