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What to do about Libel/defamation on a Facebook page?

Murrieta, CA |

Here's a Facebook page that was recently created by an unknown source.

The photos and information on this page are offensive, false and degrading. I know some of the people who's pictures were posted up on this page and the information are completely false. This is libel/defamation of character. I see this page as a medium for online bullying and allowing the bully who post these to hide behind their anonymity via the page. What can be done about this to take it down? I have tried contacting Facebook and the page owner, but no response. Please help.

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Well, it seems as if you are not the target of the page so you have no legal standing to do anything. If FB will not take it down voluntarily, it would be up to the person(s) being defamed to enforce their rights.

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There is an option on Facebook to report inappropriate pages, especially those with an ethnically or racially offensive component. Perhaps the administrator didn't know that Hmongs are an ethnic group. You should report it using the "Report Harassment" features on Facebook, and encourage others to do so as well.

As for legal claims, I don't see grounds for defamation if you are not the subject. Furthermore you'd have to show damages. Unfortunately, there is a gap between what the law forbids and what common decency forbids, and within that gap is where cyber bullies can flourish. For those situations you have to seek technical remedies, such as blocking accounts or reporting harassment to the service provider. And of course, encourage your legislators to be more proactive and informed about cyber bullying, and the damage that it can cause.

Best of luck.

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Report abuse to FB


If it it is not about you, you have no rights in particular with these facts.

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