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What to do about breach of contract between client and law firm? (Michigan)

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Person retained counsel from a law firm, the lawyer assigned to the case can no longer represent client due to other obligations. Client paid retainer and it has been used up and law firm and client agreed to monthly payments until balance is paid off, the law firm notified client today that the firm has no other arrorneys who will take the case and that they are sorry and will give client a list of referrals for other lawyers. What can client do? Is law firm required to put a different lawyer from the firm on the case? Even though some services were rendered, the case is far from over, is client entitled to money back since the case has not concluded?

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You offer a lot of IF's here.

Lawyers are paid for their time. So this other firm my have advanced the matter in many respects even though the case has not concluded. This does not mean they do not get paid for that time spent.

In my mind, your first priority is to make sure you get appropriate counsel on the case so it can be resolved. Once you have identified that counsel, you should discuss this issue with that lawyer in great detail and see if it appears there is anything that can be done. that is, what exactly are your rights here?

You can also contact your state bar or court and inquire there as well regards to your rights.

Most of us here, including myself, offer a free phone consult.

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(1) Just hire ANOTHER attorney to take care of your case.

(2) If you cannot settle your refund then file a complaint with
the State Bar Association to adjudicate this mess. They'll
let you know if you're entitled to any refunds and/or how
much. They will also look into your "disappearing" lawyer
and WHY the Law Firm couldn't/wouldn't cover his work.



Feel free to contact me with more details. The attorney can bill for the time spent-but the fee must be reasonable. If the retainer was used up and billed for time spent, the attorney is not required to return it. My office is in Marlette. I do handle cases in your area. Feel free to contact me.

John E. Melton

John E. Melton


I also agree with James M. Osak.