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I am visiting Houston, rented a car. I don't have an american licence. However I got a speeding ticket for supposedly going 40 mph in a 30 mph street in posted zone.Police officer just told me, he didn't show any speedometer or anything. My DOB is wrong on the ticket. I will need to leave Texas this week, can't stay until court appointment (September). What to do? Having incorrect information such as BOD is a valid error to ask for dismissal of the ticket? Thanks

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It's not likely you will get a dismissal as a result of the ticket stating the wrong DOB, nor are police officers required to show you the reading on their radar gun.

If the ticket is waiveable, i.e., if you can just mail it in and pay the fine, this may be the best option for you.

If not, you should get an attorney to try and take care of it for you without your needing to be present. This is sometimes, but not always possible. If the court requires you to appear, you have to or a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Unfortunately, the courts rarely care about how convenient it is for you to come to court. Thus, it's a good idea not to break the law far from home.

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Thanks for your response!


That does not sound like an error sufficient to invalidate the ticket. You are still identifiable, presumably. You will have to hire competent representation to deal with your stated need to travel prior to your next court date.

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The DOB defect will not get ticket dismissed. You can get a Texas attorney to handle this - or just pay fine.


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