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What the fine for hit and run to a pole

Greenville, TX |

i got a dwi and hit a pole but dont remember hitting the pole they left it out now have to go back to court for this charge i put it on insurence and it is payed for

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There is no set amount. You most likely will get a bill for repair to the post if it was damaged. I suggest you get an attorney ASAP to help,you with your DUI.


There are two different issues in a case like yours. First, you could receive a civil or criminal fine for hit and run (property) and also be required to pay "restitution" for repair to the property. In your case, your insurance has apparently already paid for the cost of the repair, so the concerns would be the civil or criminal violation and the possible fines associated therewith. You should consult an experienced attorney to obtain assistance with this situation.


Bottom line is to have your criminal lawyer fight this as well.

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