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What taxes are applicable for exporting goods abroad and am I locally Tax exempt?

Houston, TX |

I would like to buy certain products from CA and export them abroad . The supplier will invoice my company in USA and I will ship the products abroad . In this case , what taxes do I have to pay , if any ? Is there a specific procedure that I need to know regarding export operations , such as certain licenses , permits , etc . Is there a specific procedure for invoicing the client abroad ?

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You've asked some complicated questions. You probably want to talk to a tax lawyer that has experience in international tax. You might be a candidate for IC-DISC tax incentives depending on some other factors, which would greatly reduce your tax bill at the end of the day.

Jim Foster is considered a nationwide leader in this practice area - if you google his name and IC-DISC you can find some publications just to get a feel for his work product. Depending on where you are in Houston, his office is over by the Galleria.

There is NO attorney-client privilege based on this interaction. I am NOT your attorney. We have no signed engagement letter with a clear understanding regarding fees. Further, everything we both just wrote is publicly available on the internet and would be the same as if we were talking in a crowded restaurant, there are many witnesses looking over your shoulder and can repeat anything you write here. If you need legal assistance use Avvo to find a local attorney in your jurisdiction that you feel can best represent your interests as a zealous advocate. My experience is in corporate tax, white collar criminal defense, partnership tax, and tax controversy/litigation. If you're being audited by the IRS or state taxing authority, or you are taking an unusually risky tax position on a return, that is the kind of thing you should have experienced counsel on your side and we can set up an initial consultation. If you have a family law, debt collection, violent crime sort of issue then I do not handle that. Do not contact me for an initial consultation on non-tax matters.

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner


Also hire a lawyer, like Michael Doland, who knows import and export issues. 310-478-1000.


Call Michael Doland, Esq. 310-478-1000. He is an expert in import-export issues.