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What tax forms do i send in with form I - 864 ( AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT ?

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Hi , i am a Jamaican citizen , came to the us on a B1 / B2 visa . I got married a month ago to a us citizen . We live together and we are about to petition for me to get a green card . Unfortunately we do not have money for a lawyer . So i know we should file forms , I - 485 ( I - 765 with it and MY G - 325A AND forms I - 130 with his G - 325A . With supporting documents , money order and photos . After i mail that in what happens next ? Also when do i file affladivit of support I - 864 ? He makes a little over the 125% poverty line , so is his W'S enough to mail with affladivit ? Also , i only have to ears back W2'S . 2012 and 2011 THANKS FOR YOUR KIND HELP IN ADVANCE .

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You can file the affidavit of support at the same time with spouse's last filed tax return and all attachments



file it with i485 and i130? what attachments? is the w2 forms enough?


You can file the tax returns, proof of employment, I864 with the other docs. Don't forget the medical

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Contact a CPA. For uscis 1040 is good


You should file the I-864 concurrently with the rest of the forms. USCIS will want most recent tax returns and W2 or 1099. Current employment letter/proof of employment will be needed at the time of the interview. Job letter will likely be considered dated if you send it now. Also, keep in mind the interview will probably occur after April 15 (IRS deadline), so if you file now, USCIS will likely want to see 2102 tax returns (and W2 or 1099) at the interview. If you already have them, file the I-864 with 2012 tax returns. If you haven't filed 2012 taxes yet, you can file the I-864 with 2011 tax returns and bring the 2012 with you to the interview.

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