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What takes place at a criminal bail revocation hearing in Tennessee? I want to know what evidence my defense just put on.

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I was out on bail for a drug charge for 17 months pending trial. The police sent another CI to my home, who I presumed was a friend of mine. 2 months later I am arrested. My bond was doubled the normal amount. 3 months later at my plea hearing I plead not guilty and my lawyer came to me with a ridiculous plea bargain from the DA. I told the court app attorney if that was the best they could do I needed to hire my own attorney. She told the DA I was going to hire another attorney to delay, DA filed a bond revocation. The DA waited exactly 4 months to file this motion and only did it after I hired a good attorney. I assumed the fact that I was out on bail at the time of the new charges is why my bond was doubled. What should I expect at this hearing? Does this happen a lot in Tennessee

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The answer is still ask your lawyer. Got your nasty e-mail. What makes you think it's better to bother us every five minutes than to bother your paid lawyer? Neither the question nor the answer has to do with Tennessee law.


Here is a clue. Don't sell drugs while on bail!! As the other two questions have been answered. Ask your paid attorney.

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By law, if you commit another crime while out on bond, your bond is doubled. So if you are caught selling drugs while out on bond for a drug charge, you can expect your bonds to go higher. Typically you would be present at the bond revocation hearing where the Court would determine if raising your bond is appropriate. It's possible the DA filed a petition to raise your bond and you and your lawyer would not be there for that filing; but you should be there for the hearing to determine if raising it appropriate. If in fact they can show that you sold drugs while out on bond, be prepared to post a higher bond as it's almost certain to go up. As far as what to expect at the hearing; expect to have your bond increased. And yes, this happens all the time in Tennessee and other states. If you commit a crime while on bond, the bonds go up. Bonds are issued to allow you work on your defense from outside jail. But bonds are supposed to be set high enough to protect the public from further crimes. So if you are committing further crimes, the Court is going to raise your bond.

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