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What steps do I need to take to personally prosecute an un-convicted child molester?

Oroville, CA |

From the ages 12 through 16 I was continually molested and abused in every way possible by my parents' neighors adult son.
There were two sheriff reports filed about this, one in 2003 and one in 2008, but law enforcement and all the agencies I went to for help would just not call me back!
This man was never convicted of anything and he is still out there, able to hurt others as he hurt me. I am left with severe PTSD and go to weekly psychotherapy provided by victim/witness comp., yet this man has never paid for his numerous crimes committed against me.
I have witnesses which are willing to make declarations for the court, and other information which may be used as evidence.
What steps do I need to take in order to make sure he is properly prosecuted for EVERYTHING he has put me through?

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Please repost and tell us how old you are now. And also tell us what your witnesses know. Are they "witnesses" only to how your life has been ruined? Only to what you told them? Or did they see something or hear the monster admit it? I want to be absolutely sure nothing can be done about him before letting this go. I know you do too.


You cannot personally prosecute anyone. Only the District Attorney can initiate a criminal prosecution.You do not say how old you are, but law enforcement agencies may not have followed up because it was too late for them to take any action.

Child molestation charges must be filed before the victim's 28th birthday. There is an exception if the first report to law enforcement is made within one year of the first report to law enforcement AND there is independent evidence of your allegation. If it occurred prior to 1994, when the statute of limitations was extended, it would also be too late to prosecute.

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