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What steps do i need to follow in order to travel internationally with my daughter and i can't get her dad's approval?

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I'm an unmarried mom who want's to go on a trip with my 4 years old daughter next summer,were traveling to Peru and i just submit her passport application without her dad signature because he left us when she was 10 months and i don't now where can i found him,since then,i'm the only one taking care of my daughter,we never married but he did sign the birth certificate. I explain that in the passport application hoping that they approve it.Now my problem is that i also need a consent letter from the "other" parent,that's for the airline (Spirit) also Peru required the same when is just one parent traveling.What can i do to solve this? What is the best and fastest way to do it? If i have to go to court,how long time usually the process takes? Thanks.

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This is a problem I see quite often in our South Florida Community. (Un)fortunately, South American immigration laws are actually quite protective of minors and they do not usually make exeptions for a single parent that cannot prove their permission to travel with their children. In order to secure permission to travel your choices are as follows:

1) find the father of your children; hire a PI; make phone calls; track him down to get his written approval to travel OR

2) file a paternity action; you will still need to locate him however in the mean time you may be able to ask the court for permission to travel OR

3) if you cannot afford a private attorney go to child support enforcement / department of revenue and start an action for child support; if he pays taxes they can find him. When they find him you can then ask him for permission.

There is no way to tell how long the court process would take as there are 101 variables that contribute. The second and third options are obviously the more complicated ones, and given the information you state, it is advisable to speak to a local attorney to explore this in detail.

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Thanks for your answer.I forgot to mention that he went back to his home country (Ecuador) and i dont know how can i find him.

Alicia Almansa Roman

Alicia Almansa Roman


This information eliminates option three, but options one and two remain the same. If you want to travel internationally you have to comply with the receiving country's immigration policies as well as the US' policies when returning. You will have to secure permission one way or another. If you are considering an attorney please feel free to contact me for a consultation.