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What steps can you take if your lawyer is not doing their job in your divorce?

Groton, NY |

I have a freind who spent $2,000 she did not have on a attorney a friend of hers recommended. The attorney is not very good and her husband, who has control or all their finances, has hired a much better one. Her attorney repsonded after a recent meeting that everything went well but she should start looking for a place to live. What can she do to gain her money back or get accountability from this poor representation. (Her lawyer did not say anything during the hearing and just let the other laywer speak and may be intimidated.

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It is unlikely that she will get a refund from the attorney for time he has expended on her case. However, if she is not comfortable with the quality of the representation, she should immediately hire a new attorney. The reason she should do this quickly is that she is bound by the actions of her current attorney until that attorney is replaced.

If her spouse has control of the family finances, it is very much in order for her to seek to have her husband pay for that new attorney (and her old one as well.)

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