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What states would extradite me to idaho for two misdemeanor warrants?

Nashville, TN |

i got a dui in boundary county idaho,then 3 weeks later i got one in bonner county .reluctently i plead guilty to both to lock them in at misdemeanors before they could amend the later to a felony . needlesss to say i did not make it to sentencing.both cases were to be sentenced at the same time,both for bonner and boundary county.i caught wind of the small town corrupt political systym that the ple agreement was not going to even be considered and that i was going to do a year for boundary county and a year for bonner county.if lucky they would of run concurrent,but doubtful . they(the prosecuters) were upset that the later of the two could of been a felony so me and my attorney decided to hurry and enter a plea of guilty to both before they could ammend the one (dui) to a felony .

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Generally most misdemeanor warrants in all states are non-extradition warrants. Usually the warrant is in the National Crime Information System, the system the police check with your license when an investigatory stop is made for things such as speeding. The warrant will be marked either: no hold, do not extradite, non-extradition OR please hold for extradition. Most misdemeanors are non-extradition. Most felonies are extradition. If held by the police, an extradition hearing or a signed waiver must be completed before the police, issuing the warrant, come within ten days to retrieve the alleged violator.

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