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What should you do when a law firm tells you they ar filing a suit against you even if you make payments.

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I made partial payments to a secured furniture account for 3 months. I then got a letter that they were going to file suit against me. I then called them and made a payment agreement to pay the past due bill and a payment of 150 every month. The amount of time was not stated. They also said that they wanted the total bill paid but would accept payments. But that they would file suit against me reguardless of the payments I agreed to pay. I made those payment on time and was summoned to appear in court. They had file suit against me, even though I had made payments. What can ido?

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Since they told you from the beginning that they would file suit against you regardless, there is not much of a defense. Depending on the circumstances, you could argue that the payment arrangement constituted an accord and satisfaction. Alternatively, if you are having other financial difficulties, a chapter 13 case could make sense for you. You could have up to 60 months to repay this debt, and many other debts as well. Definitely talk to a qualified attorney to see what the best option is.

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