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What should we do ? Do we really need a Lawyer?

Pomona, NY |

I came to USA on a J1 visa not subjet to 212(e) to be an Au Pair, Ive been au pairing for 8 months but Im tired of it, My boyfriend has proposed me, he is in LA and I am in NY, so Next saturday Ill be going to LA to get married, now the thing is, the agency has told me that its ok, I just need to send them proof that I wont stay ilegal, the deal is, Im afraid the USCIS will judge me as if I entered only to marry, also I was denied a B2 visa in August 2010, My boyfriens is american, Im Costarrican, we dont have much money, should we try to get a lawyer or do it oursevels. IK we need the Marriage license, get married, file the I 130 and the I 845 ad the work permit, I know what to do, but Im scared, should we get a lawyer?? will I be deported?? Help please

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Marriage to a US citizen generally forgives unlawful presence as long as you entered lawfully although it sounds like you are in status. Denial of a visitor visa is usually not an issue either. I suggest you do your own research but also see an immigration attorney to answer all your questions. While many people do file on their own, at least a detailed consultation to identify issues will set your mind at ease. I often find issues in consults where the applicants would have had major issues without consulting me first before filing. It is an investment in your life.

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Get an experience immigration attorney; search Avvo; many have free or low costs consultations; your attorney should be a member of AILA; don't try to do immigration forms or file yourself. It is really a good idea to seek representation. good luck

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I agree with the above.

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