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What should parents expect to happen next?

Williamsport, PA |

son- 22 yrs old caught running 750 lbs of marijuana from mexico to texas. Been in county jail for 4 months- just had Habeus Corpus which reduced bail from $350,000 to $200,000. People have been telling family that he will probably not go to state prison or for very long if he does. Mom is in PA and does not have a clue what to believe.

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Your son is in very serious trouble! He should consult with and retain an attorney well versed in federal criminal practice in the Federal District Courts where he was charged!


This would be best addressed to attorneys licensed in Texas. It sounds as if he has an attorney. You should discuss this with him/her.

Michael L. Doyle
(215) 735-5900


Please get your son an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. With that amount of weight your son is looking at significant jail time. The amount of his bail should be a big clue to you and your husband that this is a vey serious case. Feel free to post additional questions as his should not be taken lightly by you.

Paul A. Bauer, III

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