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What should my friend do??

Garden Grove, CA |

my friend use to torrent ufc fight and event on the website call bestmmatorrent and also have an account up there, and recently they heard about ufc sue the website Greenfeedz and also go after everyone. they scare, they already stop and delete all the files and video but they cant delete my account on bestmmatorrent cause only staff can and they already email them to remove my account for them. what could happen, i know the sol is 3 to 5 years and they do everything they could already and regret so much about making an account on bestmmatorrent although they only put my email up there and nothing else. bestmmatorrent is a site to download martial art video or any martial art related and they already talk to the isp and they said they should be fine

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There is not much more to do at this point but sit back and see if the UFC sues you. From what you said, you downloaded some UFC fights from the site, and apparently the UFC has shut it down and has access to everyone who used the site. My guess is that the UFC will only go after the most egregious offenders, and if you are not one of them, you will probably be passed over.

Good luck!

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There is nothing more you can do at this point. However, it would probably be a good idea to retain an intellectual property litigator to take steps in preparation to defend your case. It is important to preserve your e-mails, computer files, and all other records regarding this matter, as these records may become important in helping you limit the amount of liability an damages which you owe in the event that you are sued. Don't wait until the last minute---take proactive steps to defend yourself by building a relationship with legal counsel.


You are not really scare are you? You are not really a torrent downloader are you? I think you are really a scaremonger working for the UFC trying to warn illegal downloaders. Otherwise you would not be sending in the same basic story over and over and over and over again here. If I am right, you got your message through so enough is enough. I'm wrong and you really are foolish enough to be saying over and over how sorry you are in a public forum where the UFC attorneys can easily Google and catch you, then stop before you cook your own goose.

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