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What should is the best course of action I was charged with possession of a controlled substance and I'm a first time offender

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I was in Yvor city and went to my friends car with two friends to grab a bottle of water . While sitting in the car two police officers opened the car door and had us leave the vehicle . They proceeded to search the car ( not sure if the owner gave permission ) . One officer asked went to search me and asked if I had anything illegal on me , knowing I did I figured the best course of action would be to cooperate , since I knew he would inevitably find it . So I handed him the . g of MAMA I had on me . The arrest report states that I was cooperate and willing turned over the contraband , and that I apologized and stated it was my first time ever doing something like this . This is my first offense outside of one speeding ticket and I am under 21 . What would be the best thing to do .

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Hire a lawyer. It isn't clear why the police stopped the car in the first place. On top of that, while the police don't need permission to search a car if they have probable cause, it isn't clear from your post what provided them with probable cause. A lawyer will examine the State's evidence and determine whether there is a basis to file a motion to suppress or exclude the evidence seized by the police. If successful, that would likely result in the charges being thrown out. By the very least, a lawyer may be able to negotiate a pretty decent outcome for you considering tht you have never before been in any legal trouble. Good luck!

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I agree with my colleague, you only have one opportunity to defend yourself. Felony charges are serious and can have detrimental effects on your job and future.

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The best thing you can do is consult with and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. A felony can have serious and detrimental consequences. I am located in Tampa and offer free initial consultations. Call 813-374-0353 to schedule an appointment.


I also agree with the other answers.
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I agree with the other attorney's answers and am also available to meet during business hours and after. 8134820355


Hire a lawyer and don't say anything else on the internet because you may have valid legal defenses depending on the totality of the circumstances. Where there are multiple people and vehicle involved, there's always a possibility of looking to move to dismiss your case based on constructive possession. Another issue would possibly be that you were being illegally detained and thus the evidence should be thrown out. A drug felony is extremely serious. Unfortunately, for prosecution's purposes, your age being under 21 is irrelevant. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with my office at your convenience 813-226-2144


I agree with the other attorneys. It sounds like you may be able to attack your detention and the search. I handle Hillsborough County cases as well if you would like to contact me for a free consult.


The best thing to do is speak to a few attorneys. I say speak to a few because you need to feel comfortable with the attorney you pick. you have a few options here. you will need someone to discuss drug court and whether you are going to be in drug court and how that may help and hurt you. also, you need to discuss about search and seizure and whether the attorney has experience in dealing with motions to suppress. also, you would want to talk about the testing the controlled substance. also, you would want to discuss about this not following you in your life forever-meaning you will not have a criminal record after this ordeal. i would be more than happy to discuss this matter and these issues with you. please feel free to contact my office at 813-870-1222 thank you.


I agree with my colleagues, there may be potential issues with your detention and search. My firm handles these matters and offers free case consultations. Our office line is 813-830-2261. Good luck.

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