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What should I say at my hearing when pleading not guilty to underage drinking.

Williamsport, PA |

I was cited for underage drinking after having only a single beer. I blew .011. I would like to plead not guilty so that I am able to speak to the judge to get a lesser citation or no license suspension.

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The best thing to do is speak to an attorney as soon as possible. He or she can let you know what options are available and how best to pursue them. Ask if there are any diversionary programs in your county. I would not advise going in front of a judge without representation.


Your best chance for a good result is with an attorney representing you.


I agree that you need guidance from an attorney. It would be best to have representation in handling this situation. There are significant longterm negative consequences that will flow from simply pleading guilty or otherwise exploring your options on your own. Yes you can save some money now by the DIY route, but I can assure you that you will be running a high risk of paying much more in money and stress in the future. The decision you make on your own can't be taken back when you realize that you made a mistake. At the very least speak privately with a qualified criminal defense attorney; most here will provide a free, if limited, consultation. In that private and confidential setting, while the attorney is pitching his/her services to you learn what the options might be and explore the costs associated with legal representation. Fees vary considerably and are not advertised and available for easy comparison like the price of gasoline for your car. You will only find that important fact out by talking to one or many lawyers. Not taking that no cost (meaning $$$) step is to me really really foolish. After spending some time, you may still decide to do it yourself. If so, at least you would be doing it with your eyes wide open--not my recommendation, however. Good luck.


Make no statements to the Judge. Get an attorney. Have him advise you whether the test result is admissible in evidence---chances are that it is not---if that is the only damaging evidence against you then you should be aquitted of the charge. Do not admit drinking to the officer or the judge. Dave Hershey