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What should I expected after being arrested for DUI, running from the police and hitting a parked car?

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My brother was arrest for a DUI, but first he ran from the officers and hit a parked car. To make matters worse, he was driving with a suspended license. What kind of charges is he looking at? Is he likely to get jail? Is there any chance he could get house arrest? He has a panic disorder and been diagnoised with agoraphobia.

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There's alot going on there. Its hard to say what would actually be filed based on those facts. As a former prosecutor who has filed cases like these I can see several crimes coming out of these facts including DUI, Hit and Run, Resisting Arrest, and Driving on a Suspended License. Could someone with these kinds of charges go to jail? Of course. But its equally as possible to avoid jail with early intervention of an experienced trial lawyer. Everything else is really fact dependent. Get some consults with defense attorneys. Most of us offer a free consult.

Brian Michaels


I'd expect jail time on this, based on these facts -- I'm also willing to bet the BAC is pretty high as well. Whether he can do house arrest will be determined by the DA's policies and whether the sentencing judge would approve of it. Best,

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Your brother could be charged with DUI, hit and run, evading, and driving on a suspended license. Depending on the extent of the evading and damage to property, those charges could be felonies. He may be exposed to state prison time, depending on the charges. Your brother should hire an attorney who can get his psychological records which may help mitigate any sentence.


The responses given are apllicable and correct. In simple terms, your brother needs to hire an attorney to try and mitigate some of the charges- if possible.
Any questions please call.

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