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What should i expect to happen at a pretrial hearing if i plead not guilty to shoplifting at my arraignment?

Montclair, CA |

I was caught shoplifting at JCPenny, the value was $34 and i am a first time offender with no criminal record.

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There appears to be an epidemic of people shoplifting $34 of product. Like the others contact an attorney. Good luck.

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This seems to be your second post. See the prior responses that you received. You are not well served by getting one question answered and then posting another. You need one lawyer representing your interests.


Your question was posted previously. If you are pleading not guilty, then it is in your best interest to involve an attorney to navigate you through the proceeding.


You need an attorney to go in and negotiate for you. You have no criminal record and a good chance at a dismissal with the right attorney. I see that you're in Montclair, so hire someone local. Don't let a petty theft ruin your future. Plenty of talent on avvo for a free consultation. LAW OFFICES OF VICTORIA CLEMANS.

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