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What should I expect in a Status Conference in a Chapter 7 adversary hearing?

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My ex filed for an Adversary hearing against me in which we are both represented Pro Se. She is the Plaintiff/Creditor from a debt awarded to her in Family Court. I filed my response and served her but am confused as to what to expect in the Status Conference. It seems as if its mostly discovery (Witness lists, evidence etc) but I am curious what else to expect.

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Judges tend to approach these differently, so it really depends on the judge. The judge might discuss the status of discovery, ask if you want to go to mediation or set dates like the trial and discovery cut off. More often than not, the judge might set a continued hearing to monitor the case progress.

I recommend hiring an attorney because an experienced attorney might be familiar with the judge and know his or her expectations. Or you might call the judges clerk or check the court's website for additional guidance.

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Status conferences are usually pretty brief. Judges usually want an update on how the process is going, such as whether the parties are complying with discovery orders and whether the parties have made any progress toward settling. Hope this perspective helps!


BK adversary matters can be extremely complicated and you are expected to follow all the rules and procedures as if you were an attorney. You need to hire experienced BK counsel in your area. A mis-step along the way by either party can have disastrous effects.


Visit the NACBA Attorney Finder web page at the link below to locate a bankruptcy lawyer in your area. A consultation alone mya help you resolve this dispute with your ex.