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What should I expect from a CVC 12809 ( d ) hearing ? Is the revocation indefinite ? Please help ?

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I received a notice from the DMV stating my license will be withdrawn pursuant to CVC 12809 ( d ) . In 2007 I presented Police a fraudulently obtained drivers license . I was convicted of 23152 ( b ) and 459 PC . I have satisfied all my court and DMV obligations . In August 2012 , my license was blocked from actions ( address change ) and I was told I needed to confirm my identity with the DMV . I met with DMV Police Investigators and provided proof of identity and was interrogated about my fraudulent license from 2007 . I was not mirandized , but was honest about how obtained the license , huge mistake . Two investigators said they wouldn't place me under arrest if I talked to them . From the notice , it appears to be an indefinite revocation . Do I have any options ? What should I expect from the hearing ?

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I see that this question has still not been answered, and I unfortunately don't have any concrete guidance for you. I suggest going online to try to find an attorney experienced in obscure DMV matters of this nature. If you can find one, hiring one will greatly improve your chances, and will also help you to hopefully avoid making any further incriminating statements. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


I agree with the other attorney. You need to find competent DMV counsel. There are not many around but they do exist. We would need more information to give you a more difinitive answer. Revocation is mostl likely indefinate because at this time they do not believe you can satisfy their requirements and you did not give them what they wanted. It was a mistake to talk to the DMV without counsel, but that mistake can be corrected.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation. Iannelli & Associates, 949 729-3171 This answer does not constitute legal advice and no attorney client relationship is created. Every case has many facts which are different and distinctly theirs, make sure that you understand this is general information and it would be advisable to constact a competent lawyer for personal legal advice.

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