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WHat should i expect at my court hearing for harassment under DV in colorado? What sort of plea should I make?

Boulder, CO |

I got introuble for harassment Via text message, for saying things like i wanted to beat this person up and shoot him(kill him). I need to know what kinda of punishment expected and what sort of plea i should make.

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An attorney cannot competently give you advice on pleas over a forum such as this. You will need to speak to a criminal defense attorney to advice you personally on the best route to take with your case. A criminal defense attorney in Colorado will help you by reviewing the evidence against you and negotiating with the District Attorney for an acceptable plea.

Pleading guilty will cause a permanent criminal conviction on your record and with the Domestic Violence (DV) designation, at a minimum you will likely have to complete 24-36 weeks of Domestic Violence therapy classes. Your maximum penalties could be up to 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine as well.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss your options and best represent your interests.

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