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What should I expect at Fontana Traffic Court - walk in arraignment, requesting traffic school?

Fontana, CA |

I received a speeding ticket 22350 VC by CHP in Rancho Cucamonga on I15 in a construction zone (on a non work day, past the current construction but within the lowered speed zone) but no enhancement was added. I was cited for 29 mph over the speed limit so the clerk cannot grant traffic school. I will be attempting to request traffic school from the judge. When I called the clerk to ask about that process I was told to appear any M-TH at 7:30am and request to see the judge. She was not clear if I would see one that same day or how any proceedings would occur. I am wondering what to expect and how to make this request. Should I plan on speaking to a judge same day and will the fine be due then as well? Should I plan on taking the entire day off of work? Is my request likely to be approved?

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Your best bet is hire a local traffic attorney, you may end up saving money and the matter will likely be dismissed. If you choose to do this by yourself, you'll simply have to appear in front of the judge. He/she will offer you some sort of deal in exchange for a guilty plea (traffic school, a reduction in the charge and fine, etc). You can accept this offer or you can set the matter for trial. If you choose to represent yourself at trial the matter will be dismissed if the officer doesn't show up. If officer shows up be prepared to cross examine the officer. Again best bet is to hire an attorney.


You will probably have to set this matter for trial to get traffic school. Get an attorney to deal with this for you.


Traffic school is unavailable for those traveling faster than 25 mph over the speed limit. You would be wise to seek a traffic lawyer's assistance.

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