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What should i do when i go to court against this collection agency?? do i need a lawyer?

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hey, i was summoned to court on Sunday march 3, they gave the summons to my girl friend and i have court next week and im not sure what i should say to them or do. the collection agency says i owe a old credit card 3800, and last payment made was in 2008. i have not worked since 2006-2007, hence why i couldnt make payments. i finished college and i still have no job. i own a older car that has a kelly blue book value of about 3200 and i have about 900 bucks in my account. only jobs i have done are side jobs helping friends move, basic stuff just to make some sort of income. but nothing set annually. my question is how should i go about this summons. i will be appearing but i have no clue on what to tell the judge. i cant afford monthly payments because i dont have a set income.

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You should consult with a consumer attorney, look at The attorney can advise you as to whether you have defenses such as statute of limitation?

The answer given is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Dwight Bowen is a bankruptcy and consumer attorney and may be contacted at (404) 880-3310.


You should make sure it is your debt. it is not your debt or if key paper work is missing, you might have a defense. If it is your debt, the fact that you are not able to make payments is not a defense. The one way to prevent a judgment against you is to enter into a settlement agreement. If you can't make any payments at all you will have to live with a judgment against you.

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