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What should I do to get early discharge from probation?

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I was convicted of dealing-in-stolen-property on jan 2,2012. Was sentenced to 60 days in jail followed by 48 months on probation. Out of the 4 years prob 2 years are a 7-7 curfew which I completed 14 months of. My question to you is should I try to terminate all my probation at the 18 month mark since a 7-7 curfew is more strict than regular probation. Also all my obligations have been met and everything is paid fully off. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Typically, the court will require that you complete 50% of the probation period and that your probation officer has no objection to early termination. You may also be eligible to modify the terms regarding the 7-7 curfew temporarily.

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You should go see see a lawyer and present your situation. An attorney in your area, who is familiar with the judges and the States attorney can better advise you of your chances. And yes, I would definitely check it out. I wouldn't want to be on that curfew.


Speak to a lawyer to see whether a motion for early termination of probation can be filed in your case.


I agree, you should speak to a local defense attorney who can advise you. I know many of the judges in my area require you to complete at least half of the term of probation before they will consider an early termination.

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