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What should i do regarding my appearance in long beach court sept 10 20123

Long Beach, CA |

i asked a question earlier regarding torrance court messing up and taking my license away for 6 months due to their errors.The attorney that answered stated i should have no troubles in long beach if it was cleared up in torance which it was.I just called the head deputy in long beach he told me that just to plead not guilty and wait 45 days for a trial.Why this was torrance courts error.I also asked for a motion to vacate a judgment from 2010 due to the fact i couldnt have atrial due to felony probation i was told i would be locked up.I have a F.B>I> cival rights complaint on that proposterous case i have been harassed since that case.I filed numerous internal affairs complaints which never were taken care of.I also tried numerous times to file a police report on the alleged victim refuse

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Well. the Clerk should not give you legal advise. They are the clerk, not an attorney. I don't know what exactly you are being charged with, nor do I know what the situation is, but, I can tell you that you should contact an attorney and go over the facts of your case.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation over the phone and you should take advantage of it.

Elliot Zarabi


Contact a criminal attorney or the public defender.

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